Sunday, June 22, 2008

In Bloom!

Toronto quintet The Great Bloomers specialize in galloping roots, deliciously sloppy indie rock, and spindly guitar-led noise nuggets that pack as much potency in three minutes as neatly-composed pop records do in 40.

Formed only a few short years ago, The Great Bloomers have quickly transformed into one of Toronto's most inspiring young bands. Their ascent can be chalked up to, among many other things, the strength of last year's compact debut EP.

Both reminiscent of 90's giants past, and slacker rock icons to come, tracks like the sprawling, triumphal, "Catching Up," cobble together harmonica, swathes of noise, and awesomely atonal Malkmus noodlery to create deeply affecting, timeless indie rock.

Enjoy it!

Download: Catching Up

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