Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sunny Day...erm...Not Real Estate

For everyone hoping this was about Sunny Day Real Estate, I'm sorry...we're 4,000 miles east of the States in the UK to talk about Sunny Day Sets Fire.

Ostensibly a band founded in London, Sunny Day Sets Fire is a group with many homelands, many talents and many sounds. Collectively, the band hails from Hong Kong, Italy, Sardinia, Canada, and of course, London.

The result is something of a pop hybrid where 60’s rock collides with new patents. The quintet’s unique brand of hummable surreal pop is a perfect soundtrack to summertime that could perhaps best be compared to artists like Blonde Redhead, The Flaming Lips, and Architecture In Helsinki.

The mid-summer release of Summer Palace will certainly establish Sunny Day Sets Fire as a reference point unto itself. One can only begin to envision the sorts of cakewalks the group will go through after this very promising debut is unleashed on the American masses.

If you like Mystery Jets, Guillemots, and even the Delgados you'll love SDSF. Check out the remix below; about half of it is kind of like a Blade Runner sort of thing before it gets all chopped, glitchy, and noisy.

Download: Stranger
Download: Brainless
Download: I Dream Along (Trilobisk Remix)

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