Friday, June 27, 2008

Real Genius

There’s something distinctly retro about Team Genius’ sound and the way it makes you nostalgic for awkward middle school birthday parties. The band’s earnest poppy sound resonates of the Ohio heartland and its infectious beats leave the crowd dancing. Team Genius has recently immortalized their nail-biting, awkward-kid-you-sat-next-to-in-Algebra-class anti-scene in their new music video to the song “I'm Just An Idiot.” Watch it below. After self-releasing the EP Hooray, Team Genius is ready to get the gears moving on some new projects – namely a full-length slated for release in the fall.

It's fun stuff in a less morose Arcade Fire vein or even a little like old Wolf Parade with crazy vocal gymnastics. It's folky and goofy and not something that takes itself to seriously and that is a very good thing.

Download: Handclaps in E Major
Download: Sing Song
Download: I'm Just an Idiot

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