Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer of Twee!

The Fairline Parkway's Zachary Okun and Raj Gadhia met in a quiet summer of college unemployment. Raj recognized Zach as the guy in the back of the dusty university anthropology lab who diligently slept through monkey documentaries, waking from deep sleep only to angrily protest discernible differences in the skull specimens forced upon the class every week. In this manner things came to a head and they were graduated, just as they decided to have a good run at actually thinking. Reeling in denial, the two began recording together in 2002. They were promptly kidnapped by an enthusiastic fan and ushered into a studio. Shortly after, their self titled debut full-length emerged.

The wind blew Zach west to Arizona, then Portland OR to work as a studio engineer. Raj found himself earning his stripes and making marks with Roofwalkers (formerly Pagoda) in Washington DC, Zach splitting his time between Antlerand (Sound Family), the Kingdom (Arena Rock), and the Minders (Future Farmer) in Portland. Meanwhile, someone left the mic on in the hall while old friends (Ben Licciardi), new neighbors (Krista & Elmer Sharp), and evening guests arrived at the door. Before they knew it, the parlor was full of sound, the tape ran out, and The Fairline Parkway's sophomore effort, A Memory of Open Spaces, delivered itself in 2007. The band made an appearance at SXSW and the buzz has begun. So put your ear to the glass and listen close.

Check out the video and single below which are so Twee it hurts. The tune itself reminds me of Beulah at their best and has summer single written all over it. If the album is half as good as this single we could have the indie pop album of the year on our hands!

Download: Westward Bound

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