Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This Week (June 12th) at POP! at Eclipse

After two weeks in a row of insane bands, we figured it was time to take a rest. If you missed last weeks show with The Feeling of Love, you missed one of the loudest shows EVER at Eclipse. It was so ridiculously loud, I had to leave the building.

This week, instead of bands we'll be showering you with free stuff from the Lords of Britpop, Supergrass! Yes, it's true, they still are around and still cranking out some great tunes.

We'll be giving away copies of the new album, Diamond Hoo Ha Man all night long. I've got DVD's, CD's, and LP's to giveaway, so come out and get some free stuff, have a dance, have a drink and hang out with us. It's all night dance party with free stuff on top.

Until tomorrow night, check out some Supergrass...

Download: Diamond Hoo Ha Man
Download: Caught By The Fuzz

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