Monday, June 9, 2008


LP3 is the third studio album from Ratatat, the follow-up to 2006's Classics and 2004's self-titled debut. Since the release of Classics, Ratatat have toured relentlessly, headlining shows around the world. They were asked to open for Daft Punk at Los Angeles Sports Arena back in June 2007, before they jetted off to play shows in Hawaii and Japan. They have also added their unique sound to a recent remix of Bjork's 'Wanderlust' and released the second in their acclaimed 'Remixes' series, featuring bootleg remixes of Notorious BIG and Young Buck among others.

LP3 has a much broader palette of sounds than the band's previous albums. It's more dynamic with a leaning towards keyboards more so than guitars, and live percussion rather than programmed beats. It sounds like the album Ratatat have wanted to make for some time; equally stripped back and fuller sounding. LP3 is overflowing with ideas and with more pop and dancefloor moments mixed in with their unique take on atmospheric, instrumental rock. Ratatat, as per usual, will be touring and touring and touring and more than likely will be back in Florida!

Download: Mirando

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