Thursday, June 5, 2008

This Week (June 5th) at POP! at Eclipse

Last week's show was something special. It was like Twin Peaks meets Of Montreal in a day-glo bike short factory. It almost seemed like it wouldn't be possible to top that. Then along comes The Feeling of Love! And they've come a LONG way, all the way from Strasbourg, France! As to what they're like, imagine French POP! in a bar fight with the Birthday Party hopped up on heroin and you kind of have an idea. Needless to say the show should be awesome.

Of course, after The Feeling of Love, I'll be DJing the rest of the night and we'll be giving away records and CD's from VHS or Beta and CD's and stuff from The Virgins (courtesy of our door guy Steve!).

So come out and hang out. It's super cheap to get in and we give you stuff, and hell there will be real live Frenchmen in our humble little club. Culture comes to Jacksonville!

Until tomorrow, check out some tunes from VHS or Beta and The Virgins

Download: VHS or Beta - Can't Believe A Single Word
Download: VHS or Beta - Burn It All Down
Download: The Virgins - Teen Lovers
Download: The Virgins - Rich Girls (Demo Version)

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