Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Keyboard Has Broken Letters

Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, The Broken Letters exist as the primary medium for the songwriting and vocal lyricism of David Hickox. Sounding something like Nick Cave meets old Songs Ohia with distortion the band has a crooked craft of melody and a penchant for dark and Biblical delivery. The Broken Letters create songs of love and death, birth and pain, of the moon and of a great fire. Their full-length LP, Sing the Burning Alphabet, is out this summer.

On their latest record, Sing the Burning Alphabet, Hickox and company explore a more lose and direct feel, focusing the energy of the songs on the preternatural realm instead of wasting in the physical realm by focusing on perfection-- the fool's pursuit that renders modern music rather lifeless. Songs were captured as the were being created, caught on tape at their birth, and with the electricity that can't be reproduced at any other time.

Oh...and that Carcass shirt rules!

Download: Another Morning
Download: Licht
Download: She Brings the Rain (Can Cover)

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