Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Faded Paper Figures Come Alive

In their much-anticipated second album, New Medium, Faded Paper Figures return with a richer, fuller sound, even as they maintain all of Dynamo's indie-tronica charm. Fans of the band will be happy to hear all of the familiar blips, harmonies, and intellectual pop-references, but with even more life and energy this time around. Striking melodies, lyrical images, and classic pop forms--New Medium's lush electronica feels both intimately familiar and astonishingly new.

"Invent It All Again," is an absolutely adorable tune. It's the kind of tune that will make some weep, some jump around with...err glee, and pretty much stick around every one's head for ages. With lots of wobbles, squelchy bits, and melodies that are sweet enough to draw ants this is kind of what I Am The World Trade Center would be like today if they continued on or what Figurine could have been before the Postal Service came along. "Invent," is sumptuous, crush worthy indie pop that's perfect for doing the indie shuffle to, holding hands, or making out. The sound track for summer just popped up on your Ipod...enjoy it.

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