Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Walking Sleep

Los Angeles' Walking Sleep unveiled its first full-length album, Measures this week. Recorded at the Ship Studio in Eagle Rock, CA with Aaron Espinoza (Earlimart, Admiral Radley) behind the boards, Measures, features 10 tracks showcasing the scope and breadth of Walking Sleep’s unique sound.

From the fast and tight garage rock of ‘Final Chapter’ to the expansive strings (played by members of The Section Quartet, among others) and Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra vocals of ‘Let It Go On’, the songs offer a variety of textures and hooks while maintaining a strong sense of identity and purpose.

This is a band that uses everything at it's fingertips to come up with some intriguingly dark but good indie pop.Think something approaching an Elephant Six type group mashed together in the back of a van with an orchestra and maybe some Aracde Fire and you kind of have an idea of where Walking Sleep are coming from. Using theremin's, glockenspiels, boy/girl vocals, jangly guitars, jumpy drums Walking Sleep make music for anything but sleep walking.

The band plans to tour in support of the record, after completing an enormously successful month long April residency at Spaceland in Los Angeles.

Download: In A Dream
Download: Final Chapter

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