Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shadow Shadow Shade

Originally formed as an art project amongst friends and originally known as The Afternoons, Shadow Shadow Shade steadily grew into the seven-piece behemoth that it is today. Synthesizing anthemic rock ‘n roll with the drama of a Wagnerian opera, scruffy Americana, and hints of psychedelia, the group was able to distill its large palette of influences into a truly unique and highly magnetic concoction.

In other words they somehow manage to cram the entire history of Elephant Six into their songs and come up with something that's sweeping, orchestral, huge, and really quite good. I guess that's to be expected with more members in the group than the Fall has had in the last twenty years. They manage to do it all and you can hear that on, "Is This Tempest in the Shape of a Bell." When you look up the word big pop song or chamber pop in the dictionary these guys would seem to fit in as the picture on the page.

Amazingly, these guys have yet to finish their debut album. But promise to do so soon...either before of after their tour which starts later this week and treks up and down the West Coast.

Download: Is This Tempest in the Shape of a Bell

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