Friday, May 21, 2010

sparkydog and Friends

Sparkydog and Friends, a Florida based band created by a quintet of talented multi-instrumentalists that have gone from indie rockers to wonky poppers. For their latest record, People of the World effort this vivacious group, led by two principle songwriters teamed up with legendary UK producer Mick Glossop (Frank Zappa, Van Morrison, PiL) to bring their glowing, futuristic pop music to full-fledged realization on their latest EP.

Formed amidst a swirl of experimental acoustics and pawnshop guitars inside a fourtrack-ed garage, the members of Sparkydog embraced their music journey early on. After a functioning live format was ranked, the band started gigging and soon found themselves exchanging emails with producer Glossop and thinking of the future, which can be heard here, on the group's latest EP.

Sounding like a cross between being half asleep and floating in space, Sparkydog most definitely bring to mind wonky dream pop. While it all sounds as if it's going to collapse into a million pieces, the band hold it together and come up with something that's remarkably catchy, slightly psychedelic, and really quite adorable.

Download: Radiowaves

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