Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ten Tracks You Need #66

Well lookie here...we're on time! Yes it's true, this is actually the third Ten Tracks You Need post this week. about keeping busy. Anyway, we're sort of organized for now and we've been keeping the email monsters at bay so with that kind of efficiency you can expect things to stay this way.

I know there has been loads of footie as of late, but has anyone realized yet, that the 2010 World Cup is less than a month away? Time flies when you're not on the pitch but the time for the mayhem and chaos of the Cup is about to get under way.

It will be interesting to watch, especially here in the States as once again the Americans are ranked in the top 15. Will they actually play or be stunned into submission by how the English, Europeans, and if they're lucky the South Americans play football? My guess is they'll lose to England make it out of the group with them and then promptly be eliminated in the second round. As for England...hopes are even higher and please dear god at least make it into the semis.'s been 44 years since you've made it through to the end.

As for who will win it...I would love England to win it all...but there's this little team from down south called Brazil. And well you know, they're Brazil. They're one of the few teams you can just say that and everyone agrees. and knows what your talking about.

Who are you hoping makes it through? Who do you think will win it all? Post it below...and if you're lucky, I'll send you some free stuff including random CD's, stickers, badges, etc.

Ten Tracks You Need
1) Toro Y Moi - Blessa website

2) Gobble Gobble - Seizure to the Metronome website

3) Casio Kids - Finn Bikkjen website

4) Club 8 - Western Hospitality website

6) The Mary Onettes - The Night Before The Funeral website

7) Mad Planet - Love Addicts website

8) Damien Jurado - Cloudy Shoes website

9) Boy 8 Bit - Wolfen (Loose Cannons Howl at the Moon Mix) website

10) Wolf Parade - Call It A Ritual website

Bonus Zips
Elite Force - May 2010 DJ Mix

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros - Om Nashi Me (Tim Anderson Remix)

RCRD LBL (opens in seperate window)
Arthur Baker - AB/HURTS - Onederful (Planet Rocka Dub)

Sleigh Bells - Tell Em

Boys Noize - Transmission (Tiga Remix)

The Dead Weather - Die By The Drop

SMD - Aspic Live

The City and the Horses

Tremendous Fucking

Mary Onettes


Kidd Russell

La Strada

SoundCloud Mixes/Tracks
Echo VacioEcho Vacio Lot49 Guest Mix May 2010byLOT49

Dylan Rhymes and Meat KatieDylan Rhymes & Meat Katie feat. Iconical "Only You" Pt.1byLOT49

Your Body Is A Machine Your Body Is A Machine by partisanpr