Monday, May 3, 2010

I Can Go For That

You know, the whole Hall and Oates revival really started about four or five years ago when I was DJing. It was weird how all of a sudden all these hipster doofuses had discovered their big brother's 45 collection, found a copy of "Kiss on My List," and dubbed it super cool. The number of requests I got for H&O skyrocketed in the span of a was nuts.

Anyway, five years on from that time, it seems as though the revival hasn't died off and in fact has gained even more steam. In the last six months we've seen the Bird and the Bee release a tribute/covers album and now, Koot Hoomi has done the same.

Entitled, The Darkside of Hall and Oates, Koot's record is far less pop and more like manic depressed. The Darkside of Hall and Oates sounds what would have happened if Hall and Oates were committed to an institution and fed loads and loads of lithium and then forced to make records. This is a dark, brooding, ambient like affair that might just scare the bejesus out of you or make 4ad (or Momus) exceptionally jealous. It's interesting stuff that heads off in the exact opposite of the Bird and The Bee tribute in every sense of the word. Unorthodox and borderline insane, The Darkside of Hall and Oates is fascinating stuff.

Download: Kiss On My List
Download: I Can't Go For That
Download: Maneater

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