Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Never A Lull

With the release of Ice Cream Bones, an EP, in May of 2009, A Lull was a band that was confident, but was somewhat still searching for its sound. After countless more hours in practice spaces, basements and bedrooms, A Lull kept at it, and after over seventy-five songs and partial song ideas, something began to take shape. In May, A Lull released Weapons For War/Spread It All Around, a vinyl and digital single from its upcoming full-length record, Confetti.

Using a mixture of conventional and non-traditional recording techniques, A Lull employs anything and everything available to create beats, melodies, textures and layers of sound. The music is experimental in the ways that it takes form, but is accessible and captivating.

Sounding like forty trains stuck in at the French chunnel junction complete with horns blazing, "Weapons For War," is an intriguing percussive tune that sounds like a cross country train journey set to an off kilter beat. This is ingenious post-everything stuff that will have you buying a ticket to ride the rails in an instant. This is the soundtrack to your next journey by train and it's brilliant.

A Lull plans to release Confetti later in 2010 and the band will continue to tour, with local dates throughout the summer and national dates scheduled in August.

Download: Weapons For War

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