Friday, May 28, 2010

Have I Got NEUS For You

Based in Corsica, France NEUS (New Experimental for Universal Sound) came together soon after Gael Guidicelli came up with the name in 2007.

Around that time Gael went from experimenting with acoustic and electronic music to moving forward with the idea of actually making music that integrated both sounds. He started by heavily producing and recording his own acoustic samples and layering them into a natural style of electronic music that made for interesting listening.

Call it minimal, emotronic, ambient, hard electro or call it whatever you like, NEUS's versatility, accuracy and improvisation is what keeps the music fresh. You can hear this on not only his original works but his remixes as well. Sliced, diced, chopped, but still somehow organic the songs he comes up with almost seem like their breathing (see the remix's timed like a gasp for air). He may not have quite lived up to his recording name, but there can be no doubt that Gael is continuing to experiment and toss ideas around in a never ending quest for that universal sound.

Download: Orchestra of Insomnia
Download: Breakbot - Iron Zombie (NEUS Remix)
(both downloads are via Mediafire)

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