Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let's Play Keepaway

Many people aspire to make music. Some people aspire to make art. A few people aspire to change lives. Three people aspire to literally tear a hole in the fabric of your life and soul those three individuals are known as Keepaway.

The latest in a never ending line of New Yorkers, Keepaway, take all the other New York bands and sounds chuck them out the window and head somewhere to the northwest where bands like Modest Mouse once ruled the world.

Sounding as rough, jagged, and odd as the might Modest Mouse, Keepaway create their songs with a shambolic, barely hanging together approach. In fact, their new EP Baby Style sounds as though it might just rip itself apart at any moment. It's half assed brilliance that really shouldn't sound as good as it does, but somehow it does. As if that's not confusing enough the band describe Baby Style for when you want to feel young, but you got to stay old.

Download: Yellow Wings


Anonymous said...

Chuck new york bands out the window? This band is the biggest ripoff of Animal Collective I've ever heard.

Anonymous said...

The comparison to AC is so shallow. There's more to it.