Friday, September 24, 2010

British Sea Power Look To Zeus

British Sea Power are about to release the Zeus E.P. an all-new seven-track EP from Rough Trade. Nikita Khruschev, Rick Stein and Wurzel Gummidge are are all alluded to on the EP, which comes out in the States digitally on October 5th and limited edition 12" vinyl on October 12th through Rough Trade.

The EP was recorded in East Sussex and on the Isle Of Skye and starts with two seven-minute tracks that set the tone for a collection of songs that is wonderfully all-ov er-the-place. The title track "Zeus" sets new standards for progressive garage-rock – a recording that suggests waking from the crazed impetus of a lusty dream full of dead Soviet leaders, TV chefs and... scarecrows. Following this is second track "Cleaning Out The Rooms" which is an expansive and reflective beauty. Elsewhere on the 43 minute long EP is radiant prettiness and care-in-the-community exclamation. (Please note that only the physical 12” format runs to 43 mins, the digital version is slightly shorter). This EP is an unwashed, wild-eyed precursor to the fourth BSP studio album, set for release in early 2011. Of the EP tracks, only "Cleaning Out The Rooms" will be included on the upcoming full length.

Download: Zeus

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