Monday, September 13, 2010

Lock Up Your Daughters...Monotonix Are Back!

Tel Aviv’s Monotonix are back, and they want you to understand how excited they are. Yes, singer Ami has recharged his jet pack, guitarist Yonatan has applied a new flame-retardant coating to his guitar pick, and drummer Haggai has tweaked the hover capabilities of his drum kit -- the live show, as always, is prepped and good to go.

What has the band totally pumped, however, is the opportunity to play new material off their upcoming record (details TBA) for a fresh group of unsuspecting participants on this fall’s tour. The People’s Rock Band, as Monotonix have come to be known, are so stoked on this record, their first LP since last September’s Drag City release, Where Were You When It Happened?, they’ve decided to give out a taste of this veritable lightning-in-a-bottle (captured as only producer Steve Albini is capable of).

Replete with caustic, ragged riffage, vitriolic spit-fire vocals, and a kick stomp that’s liable to jolt your heartbeat off-rhythm, “Give Me More” is a short fast burn from a rock n’ roll group with more potential energy than a trebuchet or the gravitational pull exerted by Mars upon Deimos, the most terrifying of its moons. Cream may have been the first “power trio,” but Monotonix are the last, best, and most.

Saturday, Oct. 9 - Los Angeles, CA @ Culture Collide Festival
Sunday, Oct. 10 - Los Angeles, CA @ Culture Collide Festival
Monday, Oct. 11 - Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore Cabaret w/ Ty Segall
Tuesday, Oct. 12 - Bellingham, WA @ Wild Buffalo w/ Ty Segall
Wednesday, Oct. 13 - Olympia, WA @ The Brotherhood w/ Ty Segall
Thursday, Oct. 14 - Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios w/ Ty Segall
Friday, Oct. 15 - Eugene, OR @ WOW Hall w/ Ty Segall
Sunday, Oct. 17 - San Francisco, CA @ Treasure Island Festival
Saturday, Oct. 30 - Visalia, CA @ The Cellar Door
Sunday, Oct. 31 - San Diego, CA @ Casbah
Monday, Nov. 1 - Phoenix, AZ @ Rhythm Room
Tuesday, Nov. 2 - San Antonio, TX @ Korova
Wednesday, Nov. 3 - Monterrey, Mexico @ Escenica
Thursday, Nov. 4 - McAllen, TX @ Las Palmas Event Center
Friday, Nov. 5 - Dallas, TX @ The Loft
Saturday, Nov. 6 - Austin, TX @ Fun Fun Fun Festival

Download: Give Me More

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