Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm Not A Band Again...

I'm not a Band is a band, but not really in the traditional sense. Rather than a power trio or quartet, I'm Not A Band instead is an explosive band of tunes, sounds and catchy melodies composed, produced and played by classical musician Stephan J and new vocalist Kassandra Papak.

Brought up by professional musicians in the north of Germany, Stephan soon wanted to make music himself – and he started playing the violin, later drums, guitar and the piano. From 2005-2006 he lived in London and was fascinated and inspired by London's music culture. It was just at the beginning of 2008 that he started 'playing laptop' as an outlet for his musical cravings. Combining club-like beats with sometimes dirty, sometimes glitchy sounds, I'm Not A Band still preserves a unique sound by using classical instruments such as the violin. In 2009 Jana D. joined the project for the vocals and for live shows but she recently parted ways and has since been replaced with Kassandra Papak. Oddly enough, she also plays violin.

It's good stuff in that oh, so German way; cold, clinical and designed to destroy dance floors this is like what would happen if Miss Kittin and the hacker had a sense of what makes good pop music.

Download: To Be Honest

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