Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ture Womanhood Return From Tour Release Tune

True Womanhood bonded over a shared nostalgia for the songwriting craft of 1980's British
groups such as the Smiths and Joy Division and an interest in the futuristic beats and sounds
of modern day electronica, dubstep and hip hop. The trio's devotion to both these seemingly
disparate poles has yielded songs that at once can be strident and melodic, experimental and
addictive, a unique blend of textures intricately woven into cohesive pop songs. This skillful
assembly is especially evident in its explosive live delivery, where True Womanhood make use
of an ever evolving stage set up which has based itself around the likes of timpani, industrial
blades, and antique drum machines and synths triggering new age electronics.

Their debut EP, Basement Membranes, on the Baltimore label Environmental Aesthetics,
was recorded mainly at the DIY venue and effects pedal factory Death By Audio in Brooklyn,
before the finishing touches were applied with the help of J. Robbins (Jawbox) at his studio in
Baltimore. It was released in 2010. The group's first full-length album, recorded and mixed by
Robbins, is complete pending release.

They just got back from their first nationwide tour and felt compelled to release something so here it is..."Dream Cargoes." And ya know...I bet Marisa Miller is a fan too.

Download: Dream Cargoes

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