Monday, September 13, 2010

Frederik Olufsen Rocks

There’s just no way to describe the sounds that come out of Copenhagen’s hottest young producer. Straight out of the Danish uptown underground we dare to bring you Frederik Olufsen and his premier EP for Coco Machete called ‘Rocks’.

This is pure electro but with touches of minimal, techno, deep house, dubstep and more. The whole release coheres around deep dark & distorted voices reminiscent of Lil’ Louis’ ‘Blackout’ telling the story of Mr. Olufsen’s rise from the Copenhagen underground.

This past spring Fredirik’s remix for TAI was the surprise breakout mix so CocoMachete decided to give him room to stretch out a bit…they gave us ‘Rocks’.

Download: Rocks
Download: Rocks Mixtape
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1 comment:

babbibelle said...

wow how did I not find this guy earlier?
I only heard the track on misfits & tried to hunt him down.. awesome tracks!