Friday, September 3, 2010

Oval's Ringtones and Videos

In anticipation of the forthcoming O double album release (9/7), Markus Popp is debuting the video for "Ah!" (one of the more lengthier album tracks)! Amberley Productions, the creative force behind Oval's enigmatically organic "Kastell" music video, has created a video for Oval's "Ah!" whose every frame is as rich and meticulous as the notes of the song it accompanies. The video shows a group of contemporary dancers whose refined motions and postures are coated in a layer of dust, which provides a visceral visual counterpoint and element of vulnerability to the bristling delicacies of the music.

Just enigmatic enough to incite your senses, just concrete enough to constantly keep you guessing, this striking effort purports a very unique and sophisticated aesthetic - a superb and empathetic visualization of Oval's new meta music for the soul.

If that wasn't enough, Oval has also released a second Ringtone ep for absolutely nothing. This is a band so ahead of the game, they've already won it.

Download: Ringtone II EP
Watch: Ah!

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