Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Chap Work In Bars

London/Berlin-based pop-manglers the Chap have debuted the video for their single, "We Work in Bars," off their fourth album, Well Done Europe, on Lo Recordings. They are also releasing a Teengirl Fantasy remix of the track "Even Your Friend".

To create the stop motion video, director Harry Rambaut made The Chap spend endless mornings in a North London boozer. He threw buckets of water and pints of ale at them, made them change facial expressions every five seconds for hours on end, and had them fall off a bar stools in twenty stages. In short: it took a long time to make. It was well worth the wait, though! We'll drink to that!

Also putting their touch on the Chap's second single off Well Done Europe, Teengirl Fantasy has come to prominence with their remixes of HEALTH, Memory House, These are Powers, Telepathe, Neon Indian and Light Asylum. Their remix of "Even Your Friend" (video for album version here) takes the frenetic pop of the original and adds a layer of haze and drops the tempo, resulting in a dream-pop take on the song miles away from the original.

Download: We Work In Bars
Download: Even Your Friend (Teengirl Fantasy)

The Chap - We work in bars from Harry Rambaut on Vimeo.

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