Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Tins Make Gold

Buffalo, New York-based band The Tins recently released its self-titled five-track debut EP via V2 Benelux, the arm of the influential label based in the Netherlands. It might be out of the ordinary to be discovered by a major label so far from home, but the situation has turned out well so far for the band.

“The Green Room,” is the first single from the Tins EP, has already gained the attention of the UK's most influential music publication, the NME which called the track “extraordinarily moving”. The song is a seven-minute mini-epic that perfectly spotlights the cross section of Radiohead and Wilco that The Tins mine. The song will remind you of when Modest Mouse was at the height of it's powers. It's indie rock with a twangy sad heart and it's awesome.

Download: The Green Room

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