Friday, September 24, 2010

Redtrack Has The Whole Town's Heart

Redtrack consist of Billy Wright (guitar / vox), Phil Blake (bass / vox), Mitch Silvey (guitar / vox / keys) and Andrew Perry (drums). They come from Southend-On-Sea, their bass player has survived an attack with a meat cleaver and they reckon they sound like a cross between Girls Aloud and The Clash.

Whole Town’s Heart is their debut album and will be released in early September. It is chewy and tuneful and, with its small-town panic attacks and punchy new wave melodic jabs, sees them nodding towards classic Britpopesque heritage.

Whole Town’s Heart is also the first ever album release on Label Fandango, the Pointy Recordings / Fierce Panda offshoot which has previously concentrated on ace singles by the likes of Broken Records, Fanfarlo, Air Traffic and more. And frankly it is a miracle that this record even exists seeing as how three years ago bassist Phil Blake was attacked with an air gun and a meat cleaver and so badly hurt that he needed microsurgery on severed tendons in his arm. That he is back playing is a testament to his spirit in the face of potentially crippling adversity.

Download: Wait Around

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