Monday, September 27, 2010

Masonic Temples

Since their 2001 debut, Never Stood a Chance, Austin, TX band Masonic has been creating well crafted noise pop along the lines of Stereolab, Yo La Tengo, and The Vaselines framed by a Phil Spector influenced production and blending them into a seamless mixture of danceable rhythms, heavy guitar riffs, and catchy keyboard melodies.

Masonic is comprised of brothers, co-writers Kevin and John Mason, and drummer Brian. Joining the band in 2004, Eryn Gettys’ French rock influenced vocals helped cement the unique mix of classic indie rock with expansive, reverb tinged pre-Beatles arrangements. Bassist Trey D’Amico joined in 2007 whose ear for bass melody was developed through his one man freak out band, Toof.

Their fifth LP, Live Like A Millionaire, to be released November 9, 2010, was financed by licensing fees from a Colorado State Lottery commercial featuring 2001’s “Friday Night Song.” The group spent one week tracking at Austin’s EAR Studios, whose 20 foot ceilings and analog plate reverb proved inspirational. Afforded the convenience and time by mixing the album in John’s home studio, and cued by Brian Wilson, Masonic was able to play with the classic structure, sometimes splicing multiple movements into three minute pop songs.

Download: Lifetime of Deception

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