Monday, February 27, 2012

All The Rewile For Filewile

During endless rehearsals for a Flamenco theatre-dance piece under the hot sun of southern Spain, DJ Dustbowl and musician and singer Dejot come up with the concept for Filewile, – following a strict DIY strategy. Music, production, distribution, concerts, merchandise – all done by themselves… enjoy all the freedom, take all the responsibility. Disappointment from previous project and the current state of the music business leave none but this way forward.

From 2003 - 2011, Filewile has been on a wild ride including releasing an album, tours around the world, playing in obscure places, teaming up with everyone including your Uncle Joe, starting a record label, remixing more artists than legally allowed, and somehow someway managing to find a way to record new material.

With a sound that borrows from pop, electro, house, chillwave, and just about everything in between it's no wonder that Filewile has been as successful as they've been. They're latest release Rewile is an uncompromising package of remixes from artists that are either friends with the group or worked with Filewile somewhere along their epic journey.  The record is amazing.  It's got something for everyone and is a brilliant tapestry of electronic sounds that will mesmerize and move.

Download: You Say I (Electric Blanket Remix)
Download: You Say I (Ramax Electro Remix)
Download: You Say I (Bit Tuner Remix)

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