Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Mary Onettes Know Love Is Forever

It's been a long, long time since I've heard anything from The Mary Onettes. They may have recorded a few albums since I last heard them, I have no idea. But I was pretty well pleased with Labrador alerted me to the fact that they have returned with a new album. After I did a happy dance, I figured the right thing to do was to share this good fortune with you guys.

The Mary Onettes new record, Love Forever sees the band hooking up with an outside producer for the first time. Produced by Dan Lissvik,  the record is out on February 28th on digital and limited edition vinyl.

Gone is the echoing reverb, the 80's guitars and the big, splashing drums. "Love Forever" the lead track is a wonder of genre-blurring fearlessness drawing on ambient textures, avant-garde rhythms and intricate arrangements. It's a song that soars Heavenward on the vocals and ethereal guitar work. While it reminds me a bit of the Cure on a sunny day, it's a bit of a departure and the first sign that Spring is right around the corner. It's beautiful stuff that only a Swede pop band could record.

Download: Love's Taking Strange Ways

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