Friday, February 17, 2012

TacocaT Can't Wait For A Spring Break Up

On the surface, TacocaT may seem to be all about tacos, cats, fluorescent highlighters, reverb, great hair, gum, and tambourines, but that's just to throw you. That's frosting. Through clever social and political commentary via pop culture references and a relentless emphasis on positivity, this grrrl-fronted palindrome transcend pop-punk pigeonholing while never forgetting their primary mission: FUN.

Seattle's resident punk charmers TacocaT have officially gone from "It's Complicated" to "In a Relationship With" Hardly Art and it's a relationship we hope lasts a long, long time.

These spiky indie popsters take politics and punk rock charm, twee it up a bit and charge through songs like they were on a permanent sugar high. They've just released their latest record, Take Me to Your Dealer EP.  While it has a dubious name, the record packs four punchy, indelible pop ditties onto one limited edition 7" that's ridiculously addictive and so sweet you'll want to hug it after it slaps you across the face.

Download: Spring Break Up

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