Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Next For JD Samson + MEN

Brooklyn-based band/art/performance collective JD Samson + MEN release their new Next EP today, Tuesday February 21! Self-produced with help from Jordan Lieb, who also worked on the debut album Talk About Body, the Next EP is self-released via JD Samson + MEN’s label MEN Make Music and made available via all digital platforms and the 3-track EP is also available on tour as a 200 Limited Edition with handmade screen-printed sleeves.

This year, the band will release 4 EPs. The next JD Samson + MEN EP All the Way Thru will be released this Spring with production work from Alex Suarez from Cobra Starship, and subsequent EP releases produced by XXXChange (Spankrock, The Kills) and JD Samson + MEN themselves. These four EP releases are true to the unique, non-conformative and collaborative style of earlier MEN productions, such as the partnership for a tour only split 7" with Brazil's CSS, and “Who Am I to Feel So Free” feat Antony (from Antony & The Johnsons).

Next will be available to download through the 28th.  So hop to it folks, before the gettin' is gone.

Download: Next

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