Monday, February 27, 2012

The Sweet Serenades Are Moving On

Swedish duo The Sweet Serenades released their debut album Balcony Cigarettes in 2009.  After the release, they toured Europe,  found themselves featured on Grey’s Anatomy and received critical acclaim from around the globe.  

Despite living the rock and roll dream for a brief period of time, the last year hasn't been exactly the best for this almost brotherly duo.  The band nearly ran out of money and ended up spending time in various basements and even their moldy band trailer in an effort to save money while writing songs and recording them.   Now completed, the band hopes to emerge from the mildew with a new record.

Inspired by Gary Glitter, My Sharona, ACDC, The Strokes and Arcade Fire. Their high-energy-pop is sure to lift the spirits of fans and themselves. The brand new single, "Moving On," is an energetic workout of floor toms, shout backs and catchy, energetic guitars.  This is the first taste from the upcoming album Help Me! to be released in the spring of 2012.

Download: Moving On

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