Monday, February 27, 2012

Tigercats Twee Up The Party

In advance of their debut full length album, Isle of Dogs (April 9, 2012), east London indie poppers Tigercats have released the first single from the album, Full Moon Reggae Party.

"Full Moon Reggae Party" was written in one day after an enforced absence from the studio, and recorded just a couple of days later. It's about going on the run ("I heard you stole a van, we've got some fake Gaugin's, let's go and get the cash, dance to Two Sevens Clash") but it's also the most direct love song they've ever done. A lot of Tigercats' lyrics are constructed out of fleeting, disconnected imagery, but "Full Moon Reggae Party" speaks straight to it's subject.

It's all a bit shambolic and about as un-reggae as you could hope.  Catchy, twee, and really good the song will have you wanting to attend a Full Moon Reggae Party.  While the album release is over a month away, this fantastic bit of indie pop should hold you until then.

Download: Full Moon Reggae Party

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