Monday, February 27, 2012

Villa Kang Bliss Out

Villa Kang is a mysterious project that is headed by a producer/songwriter in Toronto who works under the Villa Kang name with a revolving collective of underground producers, artists and filmmakers. The project's aim is to experiment with different genres of electronic music and publish what happens as a result of those experiments.

They are a relatively new collective and in fact, are so new, there's very little information about them. What we do know isn't much: Thus far two singles have been released and both were produced in collaboration with Luminary Youth (An indie hip/hop producer Tampa, FL). We also know that the group has yet to perform live but hopes to once the first official EP is released on June 12th.

As for what the two singles sound like. Villa Kang have come up with the perfect soundtrack for rainy days, Sunday mornings, cold days, and lazy days in bed. This is chill wave that's half asleep. It's lush, gorgeous, and ridiculously good. They may be new, but the songs they've come up with thus far sound mature beyond their years. Villa Kang might not klang about but they do make one sweet racket.

Download: Hallucinating Arkansas
Download: Radio Dada