Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cygnets Prepare For Dark Days

Edmonton's Cygnets is the culmination of many years of hard work, as songwriter and musician Logan Turner worked privately writing and recording hundreds of songs before deciding to explore a group dynamic. This collaboration was finally realized in close friends Chris Bruce and Dan Snow. Bringing textured, inspiring guitar work and bright, catchy synthesizer hooks, they compliment and enhance Turner’s ambitious songwriting style and singular, melodic vocals.

Quite possibly the best British band who aren't actually British. Cygnets are one pogotastic, jumpy, synthpop band who take 80's new wave, The Futureheads, and maybe even Depeche Mode smash it all together and come up with songs like, "Teenager."  It's fantastic stuff that's jumpy, nervous, and as catchy as the flu.

The forthcoming follow up LP ‘Dark Days’, due for release on March 6th will also be available at absolutely no cost.  If the whole thing is as good as "Teenager," we're in for a treat!

Download: Teenager

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