Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Voltaire Twins Are Back

Originally a side project of sorts, twins Jaymes and Tegan Voltaire became the Voltaire Twins after winning the Triple J Unearthed Parklife competition in 2008 and receiving a personal invitation to support Ladytron. Fast forward a few years and with a single and EP release under their belt, the band has now toured Australia numerous times and played everywhere else at least once.

Last fall, the indie/electro foursome released the Romulus EP throughout Australia and it's just now arriving on these shores. Better late than never, the EP is a melodic treat that features syrupy sweet boy/girl harmonies, lush synths, and choruses that will linger for ages.  It's fantastic stuff that's slightly dark, texturally rich, and sounds like they spent a million dollars on it.   Not bad for a brother sister team up then.

Download: Animalia

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