Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Follow The Indian Trails

Finnish band, Indian Trails was formed in early 2011, after 5 years of musical experiments by Nico Henry and Antti Mikael. The project started as a "Let's do little bit more laid-back music, with dancey vibe." It worked out very well, and the present form of Indian Trails formed about 2months ago.

With additional members joining over the last couple of months the band finally felt complete. Now ready to record and with songs in tow, the band plans on heading to the studio to record their debut EP in April.

They might be brand new, but they have a maturity beyond their, um, months together. The few songs they have are swirly, angular, and dancetastic. If the Futureheads were Finnish, their name would be Indian Trails. With songs such as these, their future looks ridiculously bright. Here's hoping we can follow those Indian Trails...

Download: Lights

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