Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I've Lost My Baby Teeth

Hustle Beach is the third album from Baby Teeth, Chicago's reigning champions of brainy pop. The album is the fruit of a songwriting blog, "52 Teeth," maintained by bandleader Abraham Levitan, on which he posted a new song each week for one year. Over the course of this project, inspired by Philip Roth's American Pastoral, he began writing about suburban dystopia, generating the lyrical heart of the album -- songs like "Big Schools," "The Swede," and "Hustle Beach."

The album shows Abraham’s new found commitment to lyrically direct songwriting. Emerging from the soaring melodrama of The Simp (2007), Hustle Beach is a gritty response for the recession era. It looks at life as it is – growing up, getting married, going on vacations, acquiring material possessions, losing material possessions, growing old – with humor and intelligence fully intact. It's also a terribly catchy record that makes you drive fast.

Download: Big Schools
Download: Hustle Beach

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