Monday, September 28, 2009

Another One Rides Le Bus

Paul Edwards, one half of Toronto's Le Bus, has been producing various forms of electronic music since 1996 and has shared the stage with Orbital, been invited to the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, and mixed beats to stunned Nickleback fans at Edgefest in Toronto.

That alone should give him some respect amongst the cynics out there. Le Bus, his alter ego along with Ron Starfield says they're about the holes, big bangs, sex, the wheel, language, music, and infinity.

With remixes that are full on pill munching dance floor crushers. Le Bus make musical constructs that sound like something blasted off a Bonkers compilation, slowed down, with piano house flourishes added and then run through the 2009 electro processor. It's truly ass kicking stuff that will have you throwing your arms in the air begging for mercy like you really really care.

Le Bus is one form of public transportation worth taking.

Download: Barletta - Panther (Le Bus Remix)
Download: Real Talk - Freak Like Me (Le Bus Remix)
(both tracks via Zshare)

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