Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wake Up From A Coma

Coma are Marius Bubat and Georg Conrad, both in their mid twenties. They are a breath of fresh air in the streets of Cologne because as two producers who are open minded, they have no problems combining pop, rave, techno and rock in to a very unique, subtle and elegant blend of electronic music. Coma describe themselves as nu-rave and old-school techno, 80's pop and 2k-modernity in a deep hug. While that sounds a bit pervy it pretty much sums up their sound and their influences to a tee. Coma goes against the grain by forgetting the hype and what's trendy and making music that while aimed at the world has a big German stamp on it.

They've recently released a new single on Kompakt titled Crystal. It's their first for Kompakt after releasing records for a whole host of labels including Firm, they've made the big leap and judging by their past work it's well deserved. Their new single is a corker. Three songs of brilliance lush minimalism that sounds like the tunes Orbital would be playing while they were watching the sun rise. It's epic heavenly stuff!

Download: Sum
Download: Choices (Malk Remix)

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