Thursday, September 24, 2009

It's The Opposite Sex

The Opposite Sex are a bit behind the times. But, you see, that's a good thing because these masters of dark swirling art pop probably haven't bought a new record since 1984 and they've now channelled those influences and rushed them to today.

The results of all this is a time swelling, noisy sheet of noise that's dramatic and oh so good. Their album, Live and Burn will have anyone who knows anything about music very excited. For those of you who just downloaded your first Echo and the Bunnymen tune you'll enjoy it as well.

Live and Burn is the follow-up to The Opposite Sex’s 2007 full-length Violent Heartstrings and breathes bigger life into the group’s dark, post punk sound, heightening its elements of pop and 60's psych. It's fantastic stuff and will warm the cockles of the hearts of anyone who lives on the dark side of life.

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