Friday, September 25, 2009

theAmplid Gets Busy

This is a little bit old but it is from the desk of theAmplid...

We have been quiet for a while...not working hard enough on our music but involved in other projects and stuff. But that's the past, we are back. And to prove it, we are releasing two new tracks.

One of them is not so new, we used to play the demo version of it in our live sets, and its was about time we sent it for everyone to enjoy. Its called "Last Days" and its some heavily 80s influenced electro...but not in that "revival" way... its more of an electro banger, but with some 80s influences. You can hear it from the main guitar riff or the piano...but there is nothing like a powerful bass and loud kick drum to get people moving. Here it is, check it out.

Download: Last Days (via Mediafire)

The other one is a remix we just finished for Felix da Housecat's new single, "We All Wanna Be Prince". We even did a cover of a Prince song some time ago so when we found out that Felix said just what we were thinking...we thought we should give it a try and remix his song. Expect more "guitarrish" sounds and heavy basses, but there is less distortion in this track. The vocals were quite amazing and tried to get everything around them.

Download: We All Wanna Be Prince (via Mediafire)

Oh, and just so you know...we are just finishing our new EP and hope to have it released by the end of the year!

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