Wednesday, September 23, 2009

KiD A Was Not Was

Anni T is the 21 year old singer/composer/producer behind KiD A. This Virginia (US) based artist brings us a masterful mash-up of club, electro, glam and alt dance. With her debut single (wasnotwas) already receiving recognition from the likes of The Sunday Times and Music Week, KiD A is already on the lips of the people who do the talking.

Raised on jazz as a child, by her teenage years she was blaring out anything from Brian Eno to The Cure. When it came to her picking up the mic herself, that was a slightly different story: “I was in a band at school, and we needed a singer. We all chose straws. Mine was the shortest of them all.”

She recently stepped into the studio with Dan Le Sac to finish her debut EP In A Dream House, We All Ride Carousels. With this due for release before the end of 2009. Judging by Was Not Was, KiD A is destined for great things. She's taken her lovely singer songwriter like voice and worked it so well over on these tunes that she's a diva in waiting. Clear some room on the dance floor because it's not Radiohead that's about to take it over, but KiD A.

Download: Was Not Was (EEPROM On Fire Remix)

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