Tuesday, September 29, 2009

They're Your Pushermen...

In the shadow of Manhattan’s skyscrapers, Disco Pusher -- the musical partnership of Sisko and David Greenberg -- are working feverishly on a staggering, ever-expanding canon of songcraft. Like mad scientists of sound, few can rival the pair’s inexorable work ethic as songwriters, producers, remixers and recording artists.

Counting remixes for pop icons (Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani), hip/hop’s elite (Lil Jon & Too $hort) and up and comers of every variety (Cut Copy, The Bravery, Santogold, The Editors, Scissor Sisters), Disco Pusher belongs on the shortlist of any new or established artist looking to bring its music to new heights.

Throw in some work with film and you have a crew that's multi-media savvy, remix friendly, busy as hell and so spot on they can take tomorrow and dip it in a dream (anyone??). Their work is prolific and they've got more material than they even handle waiting in the wings. Where these guys find time to breathe is beyond me, but I'm glad they are because without them the dance floor wouldn't be the same.

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