Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Magnolia Electric Co. Turns On The Power

After several days of bangers it's time to slow it down just a bit. One of the coolest, most chill singer songwriters on the planet is Jason Molina. The guy is more like a storyteller than just a musician and his tunes are wondering day dreams of beauty. As fate would have it, Mr. Molina never slows down and just when you need to come down...he shows up with a new record.

Hitting shelves of independent record stores around the world this week is Magnolia Electric Co.'s exclusive new Rider.Shadow.Wolf. 7" that finds the band introducing a surf-rock dynamic into its signature punch. The track is the standout among the plethora of cuts recorded during the same productive session that gave us the band's most recent longplayer, Josephine. On "Rider.Shadow.Wolf.," Molina's tired rider, just having battled the desert, now meets the eternity of the ocean.

Also found on the limited 7" is a stripped-down, early take of "Josephine." This particular recording of "Josephine" was laid down just after the song's inception, during the session that will later be released as a collaborative album from Molina and Will Johnson of Centro-matic. This version features Molina, Johnson and Magnolia jack-of-all-trades Michael Kapinus on keys, and serves as a preview of what's to come in the arc of Molina's career. Keep an eye out for more news on the Molina/Johnson collaboration coming very soon.

Download: Josephine
Download: Little Sad Eyes

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