Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's A Dancefloor Kill Frenzy

Kill Frenzy is a young dj producer from Limburg, Belgium. He got the music bug a few years ago listening to his good friend Jules X deejaying. Young Frenzy worked his way into the production game rather fast and was the very first European juke (booty house) producer to release several booty tracks on the infamous Dust Traxx label (Chicago) and the legendary DJ Godfather's label, Juke Trax online (Detroit). Even techno legend and beat-juggling-expert Dave Clarke is a Kill Frenzy fan, putting some of his early productions in his chart!

Not wanting to limit himself to just one style he started working on producing various styles. Heʼs first EP was picked up immediately by Joshua Harvey, better now as: Hervé or The Count of Monte Cristal. Harvey signed Kill Frenzy to his well known and well respected Cheaper Thrills label and the “54321” EP came out in the beginning of August 2009.

New productions and remixes are on their way and in the meantime Kill Frenzy will tear dancefloors near you apart with his deadly mix of all kind of house styles Some like to call him Belgiumʼs own Mr. Oizo.

As if to prove the point, Kill Frenzy has just released a full on eighty minute mix under the name The Year 4000. Fusing just about everything under the sun together in the course of the mix, Kill Frenzy takes you on a wild ride. It's a roller coaster ride of beats, glitchy keyboards, samples, and a sense of chaos. The mix will simply wear you out as it tosses you around the dance floor in a frenetic fashion. Just when you think he's settled into a groove, Kill Frenzy does a 180 and goes the other way. It's unpredictable nature is what makes this so fun to listen to and what makes Kill Frenzy a pretty damn good DJ.

Download: The Year 4000

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