Thursday, September 3, 2009's Egadz!

After establishing an amazing worldwide following with his first two albums Monotony and Shining Hours, Egadz! continues to prove why he is one of the most flexible and eclectic artists in the Electronic genre. His latest album, Egadz Is Dead features his signature style of melodic - half acoustic - psychedelic electronica.

Egadz Is Dead is all over the place in a sci-fi movie extravaganza. It's instrumental works jump between dramatic and quiet to aggressive and filled with fat basses and big beats. It's an album filled with songs just waiting for a movie to be constructed around them. Egadz Is Dead is a versatile record that should only further the legend that's become Egadz!

While Egadz is Dead is the final album from Egadz!, it is not the final project from creator Erik Nava. We'll just have to wait and see who comes calling first...a new band or Hollywood.

Download: Going Home
Download: Glock Out

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Lou said...

R u serious... oh man.. that's dope. Good job bro.. gotta pick it up!