Monday, September 21, 2009

Sebastian Davidson Loves His Pancakes

Sebastian Davidson has just unleashed his latest single on Cologne, Germany's Conya records and it's a lush, ethereal treat. Oddly titled, Swabian Pancakes the record is like a chilled out Sunday morning with just enough of a beat to get you going and enough motivation to get you out of bed. It's nice, slow building stuff that's perfect for a sunrise.

Collaborating with Dutch DJ Estroe, they've truly come up with something special here. It's not often you say the words beautiful when describing electronic music, but this is truly something that is. A four to the floor banger this is not. What this is, is more mature and refined if you will and if you dig things that burn slowly, than Swabian Pancakes will quench your thirst.

Download: Swabian Pancakes
Download: Swabian Pancakes (Estroes Raisins Remix)

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