Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Everyone's Going Green...

Guelph, Ontario's shouty dance funk pop band, Green Go are gearing up for release of their debut full length, Borders, this April. The year that was 2008 saw them play many a sweaty house party and release a stunning 3 song sampler, the Ghosts of the Future EP, which was quick to top campus radio charts across the Canada and has apparently sold out. Although defining their sound isn't the easiest task, but what the hell I'll give it a shot. This is a band that takes acoustic instruments and beats up synthesizers and drum machines until they get something that sounds like a spastic Beck on all sorts of drugs. They're pretty crazy but in all the best ways. If they don't get your feet moving then you truly have problems.

In an effort to make you happy the band are releasing the Green Go Remix Project Vol. 1. Explosive remixes of everyones favorite Canadian indie rock tracks from Born Ruffians, the Rural Alberta Advantage, Women, Gentlemen Reg, and The D'Urbervilles are re-wrapped in the synth heavy, freak out inducing, sweaty ways Green Go have become so well known for. Are the remixes good? Oh hell yeah!!! The Women re-work is a brilliant 60's tweaked folk rock taken through an 808 that's worth the download alone.

Download: Green Go Remix Project Volume One (via Drop Io)

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