Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Taking Over...

The Takeover UK are in fact NOT British but hail from the exotic land of Pittsburgh, PA. In the short time since I originally posted about them as part of the Stimulus Package Tour the band released their debut album on Rykodisc entitled Running with the Wasters. They might not be British, but they're the most Britpop non-Britpop band to not to come out of the UK. Figure that one out.

The foursome perform a raucous blend of pop smattered with a bratty dose of punk rock rebellion. Huge hooks and smashing choruses flirt with one another in songs such as "Ah La La," while the band's inherent charm shines through in tracks, "Evelyn" and "The Lonely Ones." The Takeover UK are as charismatic on record as they are live and that's why you should see them when they roll through your town. See the earlier post for dates!

Download: Ah La La (video featured on TEN TRACKS YOU NEED last week)
Download: Running With The Wasters

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